Don't Waste Arizona, Inc.

A non-profit environmental organization created for the protection, conservation, and preservation of the human and natural environment in and around Phoenix, and the state of Arizona.



Chemical Spill Emergency Plan

nukes wont halt climate change










Complaints filed with
EPA's Office of Civil Rights

Don't Waste Arizona, Inc. has filed several civil rights complaints with the Office of Civil Rights of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.against the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and the Maricopa County Air Quality Department.

  1. Civil Rights Complaint ADEQ Hayden
  2. ADEQ Hayden 2003 Civil Rights Complaint
  3. Civil Rights ADEQ Cens
  4. CAC Civil
  5. Civil Rights CRSP DWAZ MCAQD Phoenix Brick
  6. Civil Rights ADEQ Hayden 2008
  7. Civil Rights Complaint against Maricopa County Air Quality Department