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DWA has grown into a state-wide organization with a variety of member organizations

  1. Concerned Residents of South Phoenix (CRSP)
  2. Copper Fist

  1. Concerned Residents of South Phoenix (CRSP), which formed in 1992 in the aftermath of a toxic chemical fire in their ethnic minority neighborhood, which is comprised mainly of blacks and some Hispanics. The issues clearly center around emergency preparedness and response, with other issues of environmental justice. CRSP proved that the death rate had increased in their area, conducted a health survey documenting increased illness in the area downwind from the toxic fire, and has become involved with citizen suit enforcement of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA). CRSP also participated in the Environmental Equity conference organized by the Commission on the Arizona Environment and DWA. DWA and CRSP are working closely with EPA in San Francisco regarding data researched by DWA showing the toxic chemical fire of concern was indeed an EPCRA Section 304 and a CERCLA 103 release. An EPA Environmental Justice Grant has been awarded to DWA to publish a regular newsletter in South Phoenix to help provide information about the EPA's investigation and to promote a community-based discussion of Environmental Justice issues. An EPCRA awareness video was produced by DWA for the public domain that illustrates this toxic fire and its aftermath.
    Vent Victims of 1992 Toxic Fire STILL Need Medical Help and a Decontamination of Their Homes

    Community Gets Decontamination!: In spring 2000, using over $1 million in Superfund Emergency Removal Funds, the EPA decontaminated the air ducts of four schools and over 180 homes in the affected area. The state of Arizona, Maricopa County, and the City of Phoenix all refused to assist financially.
    The latest Environmental Justice Explorer Newletter

    Helping the Concerned Residents of South Phoenix in their battle to get relief from the toxic chemical fire in South Phoenix.

    The latest Environmental Justice Explorer Newletter.

    December 1996 EPA meeting

  2. Copper Fist, which is concerned about the epidemic of lung cancer and lead poisoning in the smelter town of Hayden, Arizona, home of one of the nation's major polluters. The population of Hayden is almost entirely of Hispanic origin.
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    Lead and Arsenic Risk Information Project

  3. Stop the Refinery, which formed in 1992 to oppose the permitting and construction of a petroleum refinery next to an elementary school in rural Mobile, upwind of Phoenix. To date, the refinery has been stopped.