Don't Waste Arizona, Inc.

A non-profit environmental organization created for the protection, conservation, and preservation of the human and natural environment in and around Phoenix, and the state of Arizona.



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About Don't Waste Arizona

Don't Waste Arizona formed in the 1990-1991 fight to stop the ENSCO toxic waste incinerator. "Don't Waste Arizona!" was the chant that people shouted in opposition.

After that victory, we decided to continue working on environmental issues in Arizona, which led to many things.

We were very involved in the aftermath of the 1992 Quality Printed Circuits fire, helping to eventually get EPA to conduct a decontamination of 180 affected homes and four schools in the affected are, after the ADEQ and the ADHS turned their back on the affected people.

We formally incorporated in 1992 to participate in the first Technical Assistance Grant (TAG Grant) for the Motorola 52nd Street Superfund Site, and we are still involved with that issue.

We helped fight off the proposed refinery near Mobile, and later helped folks in Yuma fight it there.

We also brought our first citizen suit enforcement of federal environmental laws in 1993, when the Tri-City Landfill washed out during floods and sent tons of waste down the Salt River. The day after the EPA and ADEQ said there was "nothing" they could do about it, we filed in federal court. The settlement had the landfill operators agree to cap the landfill so it would not wash out again and move the landfill operations a mile away from the river.

We later conducted an extensive enforcement of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA), the Clean Water Act, returning over $1.6 million in penalties to the US Treasury. We remain undefeated in federal court, having successfully litigated or settled all our cases, numbering almost 100, including some NEPA (National Environmental Policy) cases.

Steve Brittle, President of Don't Waste Arizona, served as a volunteer on the Maricopa County Local Emergency Planning Committee for ten years, and has been a longtime member of Intel Corporation's Citizen Advisory Group for the Intel facility in Chandler.

We have been involved in toxics and environmental issues in Hayden since 1997, helping the poisoned community there get EPA's intervention and a clean up of toxic soils and air.

Don't Waste Arizona works on environmental issues across the board in environmental regulatory matters, including air pollution, water pollution, landfills, toxics issues, environmental justice, environmental education, anti-nuclear issues, and much more.

We offer help to affected and poisoned communities.